Free eBooks

The Big Hand is a big fan of the Creative Commons movement, and aims to make as many of its publications available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial License.

What this basically means is that you we will give ebooks some of our titles away for free, with no DRM, and you are free to share, copy and generally muck about with them, providing the original authors are always credited and that whatever you do is non-commercial (ie, you can’t sell them.)

This does not mean that everything we publish will be available on those terms; that decision lies with the author of the work. We will attempt to persuade our authors to make their work available in this way. But you know what authors are like.

The first two works available on these terms are THE NABOB OF BOMBASTA and THE TRIALS OF ARTHUR – click to download them.


UPDATE: Since we started using Scribd to host these books, their rules have changed and it can now be necessary to register with them to download these books. This is not ideal, so apologies for this. We’ll look for a more streamlined way to handle free ebook downloads in the future.


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