The Nabob of Bombasta

The Nabob of Bombasta by Brian Barritt with illustrations by Youth. Published as £7.99 paperback and free ebook on April Fools Day 2010

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The Nabob of Bombasta is the near-legendary unpublishable novella by Beat writer Brian Barritt, now finally published along with a foreword and seven full-page illustrations by Youth. It tells of tale of the Nabob of Bombasta, the richest man in the galaxy, whose stomach is held aloft by Sod, his trusted dwarf.

Shameless, absurd and way beyond obscene, The Nabob of Bombasta is one of the most joyfully uninhibited texts ever written. It is drenched in sex and drugs but at the same time loving, silly and devoid of cruelty. It depicts a universe where everything is so open and out-front that the concept of perversion no longer makes any sense. It is an hedonic masterpiece that is sure to be hailed as one of the greats of world literature in about 300 years time.

Until then, it is a little treasure that is guaranteed to be loved and burnt in equal measure.

As Brian explains:

Let’s put it this way:

One night I dreamt that I was dead and went to heaven, but I didn’t fit in so I snuck into Hell where all my friends were staying – the Marquis de Sade, Alex Trocchi, William Boroughs, Tim Leary, Henry Miller, Corso, Ginsburg and so on.

“Brian! What kept you?”

“You took your time!”

“Love your stuff BB. We’re all looking forward to see your porn.”

And only then did the awful truth strike me: “I’ve never written any!”

Suddenly there was a clap of thunder and I found myself sitting up in bed with an awful feeling of guilt. Terrified by this revelation, I grabbed a pen and began to write the saga of the Nabob of Bombasta and his dwarf, Sod.

Youth adds:

I am really, really humbled and honoured to be illustrating Brian’s genius word play. His mischievous humour and unique  storytelling ability is as timeless and ancient as his spirit is eternally young at heart.

The Nabob of Bombasta is published on April 1st, 2010. Click here to buy.

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