Big Changes for La Vie D’Arthur

March 31, 2010 at 12:48 pm Leave a comment

This lovely thing is the first copy of La Vie D’Arthur, which was to be published on May 1st.  It will be the only copy.  We’re not going to publish that book now.  No, we’re going to publish 2 books instead.

To recap: Arthur Pendragon, a notorious Druid King, and CJ Stone, a remarkable writer, produced a book called The Trails of Arthur which was published to much acclaim in 2003. The Big Hand intended to reprint this book.  CJ wanted to rewrite a few bits, Arthur wanted to use his preferred title, and The Big Hand wanted a less shit cover.  The result is what you see here.  And it is a marvellous thing in its own right.

Except… there was some concern that those who had read Trials might buy it, thinking that it was a new book.  And while it had new bits, it wasn’t different enough to justify buying twice.  Then there was the new cover, by photographer Vanessa Winship. Vanessa had managed to capture something about Arthur that CJ felt the original book had not.

Then something happened to CJ.  Christ knows what it was, he started to write about Arthur again and words just started pouring out.  A few short questions in an email would produce thousands of words in response. Longer essays about the original book followed.  A new book, a sequel, is starting to emerge.  It has to, really, he will burst otherwise.  Some strange Spirit has taken him.  It is best to stand back and not interfere.

Arthur himself is far calmer about the whole thing.  It turns out that he recently wrote another 70,000 words or so, which will form the basis of the bulk of his contribution.  Always ahead of the ball, that’s Arthur.

So, The Big Hand will now bring you two books.  This new book, which will reclaim that cover image and the title La Vie D’Arthur, should be on your bookshelf by the end of the year.  It will bring the story up to date and supply much new insight from older and wiser minds. Before then, we will reprint the Trials of Arthur, the definitive account of his life in the 20th Century, as the original text.  This should be available by the summer solstice, with the free ebook coming a little earlier.

So – much to look forward to. Expect updates over the coming months.

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